Artist Wishlist

AB JB Artist

Jeffrey Butterworth

I am not the heir to any syrup empires. I cannot apologize for this enough.

I am however the product of a homeschooled childhood where I spent a lot of time playing pretend, searching for beige crayons to use as a faux cigarette, and taping the hair I pulled out of my mom’s hairbrush to my face, to look like a mustache. I have been an artist or sorts my entire life,  and am currently an advertising Creative Director living with my family in Austin.

If you want to see more of my artwork, I will generously allow you that oppurtunity here.


Things I like…

+ Creative bids
+ Other original art
+ A laptop
+ Garbage Pail Kids
+ Kohler Bidet
+ A YETI cooler full of bottles of booze
+ A bike
+ Tickets to Hamilton
+ Frequent Flyer miles
+ Cool hats
+ Apple Watch
+ An Eames Chair
+ Wine
+ Record player
+ Cool shoes (size 10)
+ Big Green Egg Grill
+ A quality vinyl collection
+ Refrigerator
+ iPad
+ A car
+ Artist’s I like: Ray Pettibon, ESPO, Joan Cornella, D*Face, Julian Schnabel, Chuck Close, Dave Eggers, Warhol, Kaws, Damien Hirst, Elizabeth Peyton, Shepard Fairy, Crumb, Jeff Koons, Richard Prince.